The TTU®-1DX, an unparalleled communication tool that allows customers and employees separated by security walls or isolation glass to speak simply and easily as if two people were in the same room.
This patented two-way hands-free audio system provides high quality communication in high security and / or isolation environments. In the current situation, we are concerned about security and protective walls are often the ideal recourse to protect your employees.


The strong points :

  • Clear two-way hands-free voice communication
  • Quality electronic design and engineering
  • Detachable XLR mic for your convenience
  • Simple one-person installation
  • Sturdy materials
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Self-powered with fast rechargeable batteries
  • Headphone connector


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Security intercom systems in different rooms, corridors, lifts, car parks (fire alarms, emergency calls)

Visitor reception intercom systems, night reception(emergencies, dispensaries)
Counter intercom systems(admissions, etc.)
Remote control for door and barrier opening
Access control management for personnel, car parks and restricted areas
Complete inter-department intercommunication systems(admissions, operation room, laboratories, emergency, etc.)
Listening intercom systems in specialized reception centers
Fast and easy to use communication systems(hands-free, programmable redial button, conference calling , etc.) 
Water proof and easy clean surface stations tailored for clean rooms(operation room, etc.)

High quality and efficient communications (ambient noise reduction, hands-free)

Access control management for personnel, car parks, deliveries, etc.
Information distribution (conference calls, general calls, etc.)


LG Healthcare TVs Add Mobility

In times when hospital staff have to be creative and flexible to adapt to new challenges, LG can help. With the Peerless-AV® SmartMount® SR560M Flat Panel Cart, information can be communicated using any of six different LG hospital TVs at the exact spot where it is needed.
Whether giving directions to lines of incoming patients, educating staff teams on important procedures in impromptu meeting areas or enhancing patient experiences by providing entertainment in an unexpected location, these LG TVs will move safely and smoothly exactly where you need them to be.


PDi has 40 years of experience serving healthcare providers with high quality patient television and tablet entertainment solutions, since 1980.

A hassle-free tv experience.

Trust PDi to help you overcome today’s audio visual (AV) challenges to satisfy patients. Deliver proven, bleach-cleanable COVID-care technology solutions. We bring industry knowledge you can trust and cost effective solutions you can rely on. Serving US, Canada and the Middle East Region.

We are here to help you improve safety at your healthcare facility, optimize your use of telehealth, and improve patient satisfaction scores and US CMS reimbursements.


Samsung, a leader in digital signage innovation, offers a full line of display solutions for a wide range of applications, including orientation, waiting room, lobby entrance, station, conference room, doctor’s room and patient room.

Market trends
Hospitals are mission-critical environments and clear, concise communication is important to ensure the right messages are delivered at the right time.