While you are looking for simple ways to manage your in-room TVs, your guests are expecting a content-rich environment when the TVs are powered-on. The CES SMART Solution combined with our Team’s expertise can really help you! From picking the right TVs, remotely managing all aspects of the TV’s configuration and offering your guests the Rich Content Interactive Information they want, CES is your hospitality specialized decision partner.

After a few decades of slow TV evolution, the last couple of years brought huge changes to the Hospitality’s TV environment. From the advent of flat panel TVs, to digital FTG content to the changes in the guest’s viewing habits, Hoteliers have been faced with rethinking their TV offer. This is where the CES SMART Solution can help you:

Electronic Program Guide: EPG allows your guest to see the upcoming TV programming regardless of your provider

  • Remote Channel Mapping: You no longer need to send your maintenance team to reprogram the TVs every time your cable channels change
  • Marketing: Show all promotions and hotel information
  • Compendium: Move away from the printed hotel guide and display all information on the guest’s TV
  • Promote your hotel services for your benefits
  • Low monthly fee: Little to no CapEx
  • Cable Plant Remediation
  • Splash page: TV will turn-on to an image of your choice
  • Power on to your logo : TV momentarely displays your logo when turned on

Call us for more information and a personalized proposal, including a compliancy evaluation of your existing TVs.


Discover a new level of refinement with integrated hospitality signage that can add sophistication and style to high traffic areas such as entry ways, lobbies, and check in counters. LG takes advantage of some of the most advanced and flexible digital products and technologies to develop digital signage solutions for properties looking to enhance the quality of the guest experience. LG provides hospitality solutions for in-room entertainment and digital signage designed to enhance the guest experience. With LG hospitality TVs, you can provide y the latest in in-room entertainment, including access to on-demand movies, email, online content and more.

Pro:Centric® Interactive Guestroom Experience! LG’s Pro:centric solution allows hoteliers to customize the in-room experience. Pro:Centric provides an easy way to interface with inter-active program guides and internet data feeds, as well as applica-tions designed to connect guests to hotel services such as room service menus, and spa services.

Pro:Idiom unlocks access to premium content to help assure rapid and broad deployment of HDTV and other high value digital content. Pro:Idiom has been designed specifically for users of premium HDTV content from cable, satellite, or video on demand (VOD) services, and is thus designed to lower costs and reduce maintenance needs. This leading DRM system is embraced for its security solution, which prevents illegal copying of copyrighted content. Global Leading Digital Rights Management System


With Samsung’s game-changing hospitality TVs, guest can now stream premium HDTV content stored on their smartphone, tablets and laptop straight to their TVs thanks to AllShare TM Cast technology. And with Samsung’s suite of Smart TVs, guest can access the same apps and widgets they’re accustomed to at home for a more personalized entertainment experience.

Our mission is to offer our customers the best selection of Samsung products capable of satisfying their unique industry technological requirements. CES will centralise and manage your project to ensure your experience is maximized with a unique point of contact. CES Distribution has a team of highly qualified technicians to perform a complete installation of all equipment across Canada. In addition, we will assist you in the integration of your promotional contents ensuring therefore that your message is visible and continuously updated.