Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs

For decades, Peerless-AV has been the AV hospitality leader. Our mounts and AV accessories can be found in hotels, motels, resorts, bars, restaurants and clubs across the world. With superb design and security, our solutions fit seamlessly into your properties.

Quick-Service, Fast-Casual Dining, Fast Food Chain Restaurants, Bar and Lounge

Display information and engage your customers with Peerless-AV’s solutions for quick-service, fast-casual and fast food chain restaurants, as well as bars and lounges. We offer a wide range of AV solutions that complement how information is delivered to customers in your restaurant and enhance the dining experience. We also offer custom solutions to create an experience tailor-fit to your brand.

Malls Department Store, Boutique Stores, POS Solutions, Digital Signage, Interactive Display, Kiosks

Let Peerless-AV help you capture the shopper’s gaze. We have a complete range of solutions for POS, digital signage, interactive displays and kiosks. Whether you’re in a mall, a department store or a boutique store, our AV experts can help you find the perfect mounts and accessories for your retail environment. https://www.peerless-av.com/en-us/professional